Roco Vargas. El juego de los dioses

EL JUEGO DE LOS DIOSES (The game of the gods)




Playing God is a rather addictive temptation for humans. Manipulating robots for participating in such is a dangerous game, not to mention illegal. Roco Vargas, having gotten into this adventure by pure chance, is going to discover how chance and Artificial Intelligence working in concert can have disastrous consequences for every solar society. But, do the gods exist? Does chance exist?

(Ink and color by Paco Cavero)


  • Roco Vargas. El Juego de los Dioses, de Daniel Torres
  • Year of publication: 2004
  • Nº of pages: 48
  • Publisher: NORMA EDITORIAL
  • Language: Español
  • ISBN: 978-84-8431-913-9
Roco Vargas