Roco Vargas - El Misterio de Susurro


EL MISTERIO DE SUSURRO (The mystery of Whisper)


A colonial war is developing in Rea, the sixth satellite of Neptune.  Its consequences reach Earth and Roco Vargas´ night club where some very dangerous characters make an appearance to play in a very dangerous game of chess.  An old friend of Roco; a Reamite secret agent; Saturnine spies; a Venusian war reporter; a private detective; a two-headed commissioner and a shady character dedicated to drug trafficking, will all checkmate Vargas´ peaceful world and his desire to remain anonymous, by mixing him up in an adventure that he wishes only to avoid.

El misterio de Susurro. Página 16

El misterio de Susurro. Página 27


  • Roco Vargas. El misterio de Susurro, de Daniel Torres
  • Year of publication: 1985
  • Nº of pages: 48 
  • Publisher: NORMA EDITORIAL – Colección  “Los Álbumes de Cairo”
  • Language: Español
  • ISBN: 84-85475-72-0
Roco Vargas