In the Retro-future Universe, which Torres has been constructing for over thirty-five years, the Solar System (SS) is a planetary system in which all of the worlds therein have been inhabited by diverse species of humans since the dawning of evolution.  Therefore, Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, with their respective satellites, are all populated with a multitude of civilizations at distinct levels of development.

In the Retro-future, no human has been able to travel beyond the confines of Pluto.  Consequently, they are faced with a SS that has no idea if life exists outside its borders.

Roco Vargas is an Earthling who, in his youth, enjoyed his career as an adventurer until, by happenstance; he is transformed into a space hero known throughout the system.

Roco Vargas

ROCO VARGAS saw the light in the comic illustrations of “Tritón“, publication of which was initiated in 1983 in the comic magazine “Cairo”. After TritónEl misterio de Susurro and Saxxon, his character reaches exceptional heights in the narrative La Estrella Distante, considered one of the best works of the author.

These four works have been compiled into the following albums:

Tritón (1984)
El misterio de Susurro (The mystery of Whisper) (1985)
Saxxon (1986)
La Estrella Lejana (The Distant Sart)  (1987)

Concurrently, these were compiled into one complete volume by Norma, under the generic title of Roco Vargas.

Daniel Torres returned in 2000 to the series, publishing the following albums:

El bosque oscuro  (The dark forrest) (2000)
El juego de los dioses (The game of gods) (2004)
Paseando con monstruos (Walking with monsters) (2005)
La balada de Dry Martini (The ballad of Dry Martini) (2006)
Júpiter (2017)

The Roco Vargas Sketchbook was also published.