During a long rainy night in “El Mongo”, Roco Vargas’ night club, Roco tells his friends (and the reader) his life and adventures. Of how, as a child, he came to know the Covalsky family; how they formed the famous Sidereal Boys; of the tragic Prometheus episode and all that occurred and the consequences back then for the SS geostrategic balance; as well as young Roco´s fleeing and his loss of good name. At the end of this evening of confessions, the reader witnesses how his name is redeemed and the end of the entire escapade.


  • Roco Vargas. La Estrella Lejana, de Daniel Torres
  • Year of publication: 1987
  • Nº of pages: 48 
  • Publisher: NORMA EDITORIAL – Colección  “Los Álbumes de Cairo”
  • Language: Español
  • ISBN: 84-86595-14-2
Roco Vargas